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Looking for the best English school in Phnom Penh?

CAM-ASEAN has been founded to meet the needs of Cambodia’s youth to achieve fluency in the English language and to best prepare them for integration into the ASEAN community. CAM-ASEAN is committed to furthering this mission by utilizing a variety of teaching methods designed to motivate and engage students, while readying them to compete in the international marketplace. A carefully designed curriculum, delivered by a faculty of knowledgeable instructors committed to mentoring students in communications and a broad range of pre-employment skills, successfully blends classroom activity with real world experience.

Seang Sopagna


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  • Mr. Yann Aoudourm Profile
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    Mr. Yann Aoudourm Director of Center for ASEAN Studies Email: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- His areas of interest center on East and Southeast Asia Region including regionalism, military strategies, defenses, comparative political systems and...

Key Features of CAM-ASEAN

  • Internationally recognized certificates
  • International management team with PhDs, master’s degrees and more than 10 years experience in the educational field
  • Expatriate and Cambodian teachers with master’s degrees and bachelor’s degrees, and at least 7 years of teaching experience
  • A variety of curricula with interactive and practical instruction materials and textbooks
  • Modern facilities and resources (English language lab, conference hall, teacher lounge, student lounge, consulting and counseling room, customer service center, cafeteria, especially spacious classrooms equipped with air-conditioners, LCDs, sound system and free Wifi)
  • Extracurricular activities such as seminars, field trips, football club, speaking & debate club, and reading club

Student Testimonials

  • Ms. Ouk Kakruna
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    Learning at CAM-ASEAN has given me not only the confidence in speaking English but also the broader understanding of the world. I have embarked on a holistic learning journey here that makes...
  • Mr. Seng Sopagna
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    CAM-ASEAN gives me a complete overview of what areas to improve and how to build up my professional capability for better career prospects. With international standard programs and excellent instruction by best-qualified...


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International Scholarship

  • Commonwealth Scholarships at NUS Graduate School
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    Scholarship Deadline Requirement Reference Appointment Commonwealth Scholarships at NUS Graduate School May 15, 2016 All students from any Commonwealth countries and meet the NGS requirements are eligible...
  • Turkiye Scholarships 2016 for International Students
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    Scholarship Deadline Requirement Reference Appointment Turkiye Scholarships 2016 for International Students March 31, 2016 be a citizen of a country other than Turkey (Anyone holding or ever...
  • 2017-2018 Fulbright Student Fellowships
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    Scholarship Deadline Requirement Reference Appointment 2017-2018 Fulbright Student Fellowships June 1, 2016 Have a strong academic background and a record of excellence in previous studies; Have completed...
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