CAM-ASEAN encourages students to learn listening-based learning method

CAM-ASEAN employs method of teaching foreign languages that encourages students to learn listening-based learning method. Throughout the lesson the teachers talk and act out scenes – going to the market, driving a motorbike, watching TV – that someone fluent in Khmer might discuss on a day-to-day basis.

While instruction is given only in English, if a student has a question, it must be asked in English, and responded to in English with a combination of speech, props, body language and repetition is the basis from which CAM-ASEAN aims to equip its students with native-like fluency in a foreign language.

A sign on the wall, written in English reads: “For the benefit of fellow students, please don’t speak Khmer during class.

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Cooperating and Exchanging Students

Mr. Miyata, president and CEO, Mr. Kawasoe, executive director and Ms. Gakuen, international relations manager from Nishinihon International Education Institute, Japan for taking the time to visit and tour CAM-ASEAN in the purpose of cooperating and exchanging students to promote education in both countries.

Our Japanese quests are impressed with solid campus organization, prestigious educational-minded mission, fully-furnished facilities and tremendous learning resources available in a language institute in Cambodia.

Most significantly, they are awestricken to see CAM-ASEAN students so confident to express themselves in English which they can hardly find in other English schools.

Final Exam Days (Feb, 12-13)

Final Exam Days (Feb, 12-13)
Not only quality instruction, engaging academic activities, and hands-on experience provided, but CAM-ASEAN students are also instilled with confidence, responsibility, morality and discipline so as to become a socially capable human capital in Cambodia.

CAM-ASEAN understands your needs and we are dedicated to offer the BEST quality of English learning in Cambodia.

CAM-ASEAN (Scholarship Competition)


CAM-ASEAN scholarship competition is open to both CAM-ASEAN students and NON-CAM-ASEAN students. The deadline is Friday, February 13, 2015. For further information, please contact us by 070 77 44 50 or 011 77 44 50.

Just $1 for application form (admin fees: papers, air-conditions, snack, and teachers).