1. Where is CAM-ASEAN?

CAM-ASEAN is located on street 205 in Toul Svay Prey II district. It is near Olympic market and Khmer-Thai restaurant. (included the map)


  1. When will new term start?

Our new term is now starting. For further information, please contact us at 011 77 44 50 / 070 77 44 50.


  1. Do I need to take the placement test? And what documents should I have for the test?

Yes, you are required to fill in the admission from, then take the written placement test and sit for an interview.


  1. How long for each term?

One term equals 3 months (English program)

One term equals 2 and a half months (Chinese program)


  1. How much is the course?

It depends on what level you are in after completing the placement test.


  1. Do I need to study both Sat & Sun for weekend class? And what time?

Yes, you need to study both Sat & Sun. Saturday is from 1pm – 5:30pm and Sunday is from 8am – 12:30pm in the afternoon.


  1. When can I go to take the placement test? Is it free?

You can come anytime during working hours from 8am – 7pm and the admission form is only $1/person.


  1. Can I go to register for the class during lunch time (12pm – 1pm)?

Yes, you can. We have our friendly team stand by at the time.


  1. Are the clubs available only for full time students?

No, the clubs are available for both part time and full time students. And they are all free for CAM-ASEAN students. However, you need to deposit a certain amount of money to meet the membership requirement.


  1. I have no time to attend the class but can I join the clubs instead?

Yes, you can. But we will charge $50 for non-CAM-ASEAN for each clubs.


  1. How many teachers for the class?

There are 2 teachers for part time classes – 1 foreigner and 1 Cambodian and 3 teachers for full time classes – 1 foreigner and 2 Cambodians.


  1. Does CAM-ASEAN provide IELTS Prep. Course?

Yes, we do. But you need to sit for the placement test first before you are admitted to the course.


  1. Does the school provide us the certificate after graduate from the courses?

Yes, we provide 2 types of certificates. One from CAM-ASEAN and the other one from Cambridge Certificate which recognized internationally.


  1. How many students in each class?

Maximum of 25


  1. Do you have elsewhere branches?

No, currently we have only 1 branch with 2 parallel building located at #18B, St. 205, Tuol Svay Prey II, PP, Cambodia.