Center for ASEAN Studies


With a profound vision for helping young Cambodians to become capable, competitive, critical and employable in Cambodia and ASEAN market, a group of local and international scholars in a joint venture established Cambodia-ASEAN International Institute (CAM-ASEAN) in July 19, 2014. It is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and recognized y Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. It offers various practical skills-based, English and Chinese programs.

After the ASEAN integration in 2015, founders of CAM-ASEAN see an imperative need to practically raise awareness about the ASEAN Community among young people and the public. Then, a Center of ASEAN Studies (CAS) is established in late 2016 for assisting the development of ASEAN to become an inclusive, informed and peaceful community through raising the public awareness, building a broad networks and providing the capacity buildings, workshops, seminars and competitions.  It is expected to transform into a think tank with an ability to produce research and policy papers on the three pillars of ASEAN and its related issues.


Vision of CAS, Center for ASEAN Studies, is to become one of the most respected research centers on ASEAN in Cambodia and the region. Meanwhile, CAS supports ASEAN community building.


To contribute to human, overall development and integration of ASEAN through building, networking and cooperating with vibrant research communities, capacity building, producing strategic and policy research papers and disseminating substantively theoretical and empirical knowledge.


To build capacity and raise awareness of students, undergraduates, graduates, professional researchers and the public about ASEAN through research trainings, competitions, seminar series, public workshops and dialogues.

To deliver a sustainable academic contribution by fostering exchanges among researchers and students across the globe and studies abroad by building academic networks and cooperating with various academic institutions.

To become a dynamic think-tank in the region by mobilizing scholars from different fields to produce strategic and policy research papers, articles and journals with very high quality and disseminating to the public.

Seang Sopanga
President of CAM-ASEAN & Chairman of Center for ASEAN Studies
Yann Aoudourm
Director of Center for ASEAN Studies
Tor Sokanya
Deputy of Center for ASEAN Studies

Bachelor of Education

Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) & Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP)

Som Pisith
Head of Administration

Bachelor of Economics

Royal University of Laws and Economics (RULE)

Mean Vatanak
Deputy Head of Admin & ITC

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering,

Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP)

Duch Tiara
Graphic Designer/Video Editor

Bachelor of Information Technology National Institute of Business

Veng Sreypov
Intern of Center for ASEAN Studies

Pursuing Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, RUPP

Kong Denratha
Intern for Center for ASEAN Studies

Studying in Department of International Studies, IFL, RUPP