English Programs

Mr. Seang Sopagna


Mr. SEANG Sopagna is a well-respected interpreter in Cambodia. He has been engaged as an interpreter in various high profile settings such as the judicial training in The Hague, 2nd ASEAN-EU Business Summit, a high-level lecture by the British Foreign Minister and Town hall discussion with Madam Hilary R. Clinton. Sopagna holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University, Australia and a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Royal Academy of Cambodia.



Mr. Robert V. Longo, J.D.


Mr. Robert V. Longo, J.D. is an American citizen with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Juris Doctorate in Law. He practiced as a criminal trial lawyer with the U.S. military in Germany where he honed his advocacy skills before entering the financial sector working in sales and client development with multinational insurers and banking institutions. Recently, Robert has entered the teaching profession and has lectured throughout Asia teaching business, finance, law and his most favorite area of interest, communication and presentation related areas.



Mr. Keo Sopheak


Mr. KEO Sopheak has graduated with a Master’s degree and two Bachelor of Arts degrees – one in Tourism and one in English. In 2009, he finished his MBA from Charles Sturt University, Australia.

With 10 years of experience in the education field, Sopheak has earned a respected reputation as both teacher, and lecturing, along with possessing excellent management and leadership abilities.


Mr. Phin Phoung Dalen


Mr. PHIN Phuong Dalen has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. At present, he is also a second-year postgraduate at Norton University. He has been working in the education field for more than 10 years. Dalen joins CAM-ASEAN displaying great energy, and enthusiasm when conducting all of his teaching related duties, greatly enhancing the school‘s reputation.



Mr. HUN Chayha

Mr. HUN Chaya has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. At present, he is studying for his MDM at Norton University. It is anticipated he will complete his MDM studies next year (second-year postgraduate).

With his vast experience in the educational field, Chaya has compiled an excellent record in teaching, lecturing, management and leadership. He is a dedicated and conscientious professional who exhibits great commitment, and enthusiasm performing his duties at CAM-ASEAN.


Mr. Heng Banputbundith

Heng Vanputbandith

Mr. HENG Vanputbandith has graduated with two Bachelors Degrees – One in Banking and Finance, and one in English Education . At present, he is also a first-year postgraduate student at Norton University.

Vanputbandith brings to CAM-ASEAN 7 years experience in the education field and 3 years experience in the banking sector. From 2004–2011, he also worked as an English teacher and lecturer.


Mr. Mathias H.H. Claessen

mathiasMathias H.H. Claessen is a Dutch citizen and moved to Cambodia in July 2011. He is a linguist who fluently speaks Dutch, English, German and French. Upon moving to Cambodia he learned Khmer, and has mastered the basics of the language including speaking, reading and writing. Mathias specialises in teaching language skills to students of all proficiencies, with a focus on fine tuning their pronunciation and increasing their active vocabulary.



John Money

John D. Money (J.D.) is an American citizen with a Bachelor of Arts in History. In his undergrad, John excelled academically, receiving two scholarships, one in which allowed him to study in Spain, and five awards for excellence. As a student leader, John was voted Student Government and Honors Program President for two consecutive years where he served on numerous committees and was selected as the college’s first student MVP and student ambassador.

Since college, John has visited over 20 countries, worked in Eastern Europe, Thailand, and Cambodia. As a human rights activist, John has spent the last five years researching about the development of third world countries and how to improve the social and economic dialogue between cultures. He has given numerous speeches in both the academic and public setting dealing with cross-cultural and global issues. Most recently, John has started his own organization in Cambodia which aims to promote respect and understanding among world cultures.

Olga Lavrenchuk

Olga lavrenehukMs. Olga Lavrenchuk is a professional English teacher and a translator. She has got more than 5 years of experience in the sphere of Education. Olga holds a Master`s Degree in English, Arabic, Linguistics, Translation and Education.




Patrick O'Connor

Patrick o'connorMr. Patrick O'Connor is a dedicated and experienced teacher and trainer, with 8 years in both the corporate and educational fields. He has been responsible for implementing new training procedures and customer service protocols in National Customer Service Centers in his native Australia. In addition, he is an English language teacher with extensive experience in South America. He has acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of Queensland and a CELTA from Cambridge English Language Assessment.



Robert Mein

Robert MeinMr. Robert Mein is an English teacher (T.E.F.L qualified) with several years of experience in teaching English in Cambodia. Robert is on the board of an NGO in Takeo province offering free education to over 900 children living in poorer areas. He is also a qualified wind turbine technician as well as being qualified in the breeding and riding of thoroughbred racehorses. His dedication and contribution have brought him love, trust and respect from his colleagues and students.



Thomas Javanaud

Thomas JavanaudMr. Thomas Javanaud has been involved in education for almost 10 years. He has taught an extensive range of English courses including Business English, IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC in many institutions around Asia. He possesses a Degree of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method from London School of Economics (University of London), and currently he is completing a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (International), University of Nottingham, UK.



Stuart Edworthy

Untitled-2Mr. Stuart Edworthy has been serving as an English teacher in a number of schools in Phnom Penh. He graduated with an International Bachelor of Arts in History from University of Leeds, UK. He has a very clear “BBC English” accent and speaks and writes a very high level of English. A long with this, he had 2 years of experience as a broadcaster and 3 years organizing charity events in UK and, he was also involved in journalism as well.



TY Phearom

TY PHEAROMMr. TY Phearom, who has been holding Master’s Degree in Development Management and Bachelor of Education in English, has earned over 7 years of working experience involving with education. He has been in various positions ranging from a copy editor to a lecturer at a university. Throughout the years of his professional and academic life, he has gained positive recognition for his outstanding performance and achievement. Recently, he has been assigned as Head of Teacher Affairs at Cambodia-ASEAN International Institute.




SAINT Meassnguon

SAINT MEASSGNUONAs an instructor, mentor, supervisor, and even trainer, Mr. SAINT Meassnguon has been engaged actively and exhaustively in the field of education more than a decade, which brings about the recognition from his colleagues and supervisor of his endless and invaluable contribution to fruitful outcomes of learners and institutions. His two post-graduate studies, locally in Development Studies at Royal University of Phnom Penh and internationally in Educational Leadership and Management at Charles Darwin University, help to broaden his knowledge and to inspire him to lifelong learning and/or to greater efforts of teaching career.



TEP Sonimul

Ms. TEP Sonimul is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree of Arts in English at Western University. She has graduated with a Bachelor of English Literature at Western University, and Foundation Degree of Management at National University of Management. She used to work as a secretary to an American Board at De Castle Diamond Condominium and to an Italian businessman at Noblesses Resident. She has also been a teacher of English for about 2 years. These days, she is working as the Executive Director’s Secretary and as a Teacher of English at Cambodia-ASEAN International Institute.



VENG Rachana


Mr. VENG Rachana is a teacher of English and a communication and media practitioner in Cambodia. He works for International Non-Government Organization (INGO). He used to write stories for newspapers in Cambodia, and he was also a stringer for international media. He holds a Master Degree in International Journalism Studies from Hong Kong Baptist University, a Bachelor of Media Management and a Bachelor of Education from the Royal University of Phnom Penh.


SAR Pheakdey

Mr. SAR Pheakdey is a senior teacher of English language with over 20 years of teaching experience. He has been teaching for some famous institutions such as RULE and HRU, and he has also been a translator and an interpreter for European Union Election Observation Mission in Cambodia for almost every national election. In addition, he used to be a branch manager for a well-known school, Universal English School, in the 1990s. He has two bachelor degrees in both Khmer and English literature from RUPP and IFL, and he is now doing his Master Degree in Education to gain a deeper insight into the world of teaching and learning.

BUN Sophal

BUN SOPHALMr. BUN Sophal is an Export Consultant for Export Assistance Program Cambodia at Hinrich Foundation. He was a Senior Copy Writer at Integrated Marketing Experts (Chip Mong Group) and also spent an extensive six years as an Editor for Newsletter at the National Center for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control, Ministry of Health. He earned a Master of Arts in International Journalism Studies from Hong Kong Baptist University and a Master of Arts in Development Studies from Royal University of Phnom Penh.