With a profound vision for helping young Cambodians to become capable, competitive, critical and employable in Cambodia and ASEAN market, a group of local and international scholars in a joint venture established Cambodia-ASEAN International Institute (CAM-ASEAN) in July 19, 2014. It is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and recognized y Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. It offers various practical skills-based, English and Chinese programs.

After the ASEAN integration in 2015, founders of CAM-ASEAN see an imperative need to practically raise awareness about the ASEAN Community among young people and the public. Then, a Center of ASEAN Studies (CAS) is established in late 2016 for assisting the development of ASEAN to become an inclusive, informed and peaceful community through raising the public awareness, building a broad networks and providing the capacity buildings, workshops, seminars and competitions.  It is expected to transform into a think tank with an ability to produce research and policy papers on the three pillars of ASEAN and its related issues.