Message from Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board

Almost two decades Cambodia has joint ASEAN and managed to maintain an economic growth at an average of 7 percent annually elevated millions of Cambodian from poverty (less than 13% compared to 47.8% in 2007). Education, health care, infrastructure, and more improved although they remain concerned. However, pointing at no one Cambodia-International Institute has taken further step to contribute to human and overall development of the ASEAN community through establishing the Center for ASEAN Studies to raise awareness, capacitate and ready young people. That said, a broad range of activities_ capacity buildings, workshops, seminars, competitions, researches, writings and publications has conducted and to be continued. In a short run, it is expected to transform into a think tank which produces research and policy papers on ASEAN community, considered as a catalyst for an inclusive, informed and peaceful ASEAN community.

Mr. Seang Sopagna

President of CAM-ASEAN &

Chairman of Center for ASEAN Studies

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