Study Abroad Center


Study Abroad Center (SAC) is an agency for helping and placing students to study language courses and all levels of degree oversea both scholarship and on their own payment. It aspires to become a leading national agency for sending students to study oversea and striving to offer the most reliable, trusted and warmest services to students across Cambodia.

II. Our Services

  1. Study Abroad all levels
  2. Application & admission
  3. Visa application & interview
  4. Stay & health insurance
  5. Visa, flight & other documents

III. Available Programs

  1. High Schools (Grade 7-12)
  2. Pre-Bachelor, Master & Ph.D Degree
  3. Bachelor, Master & PhD Degree
  4. Languages (Short & Long Term)
  5. Internship & Volunteer

IV. General Requirements

  1. Transcripts
  2. Proof of graduation
  3. Academic references
  4. Statement of purposes
  5. Enrollment form
  6. Language proficiency test
  7. A copy of passport & bank statement

V. Process & step to study abroad

VI. CAM-ASEAN Partners & Partners of Our Partners

VII. Testimonials


CAM-ASEAN Studies Abroad Center helps me since the beginning until I got Australia and beyond. I don’t speak much English, but with help from experienced, reliable and professional staff  I could make it to study English language course at EF Sydney, Australia.

Chao Yivfak, 17

Battambang Province

General English Program

EF Sydney


“I feel the improvement of my email writing, meeting and negotiating. And all of these could never take place without the support from the teachers at London School of English. They were reachable and provided great guidance with the classroom equipped with modern technology easing our schoolwork,” Ms. Voeuk Sunny said.

Ms. Voeuk Sunny

English for Business

London School of English

London, England


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Morning: 8:00-12:00PM

Afternoon: 2:00-6:00PM


Tel: 093 900 280/093 900 740