Young Learner Programs


CAM-ASEAN Young Learner Program (YLP) is specifically designed for students aged from 6 to 12. The duration of the program is 12 terms (2 years and 6 months). Students take a placement test, the result of which defines their English level for
CAM-ASEAN (from starter to intermediate in 12 levels). This program is developed in accordance with the CEFR mapping, from A1 to B1. Plus, it helps preparing students for international tests. When the students in the program turn 13 years of age, they will automatically move into the CAM-ASEAN General English Program (GEP).


CAM-ASEAN Young Learner Program is a well-rounded English program that caters to groom your children for ASEAN. Our primary purpose is to enable the “children” to master local and regional challenges of today and the future.


  • Cambridge International Curriculum

  • I-Smart Start Learning Program on interactive whiteboard

  • Certified both national and native English-speaking teachers

  • English-speaking environment

  • 2 Certificates (CAM-ASEAN Certificate & Cambridge Certificate)


  • Language Lab

  • Student Lounge

  • Offline & Online E-library

  • Online Learning Platform-Kahoot & Quizizz

  • Interactive Whiteboard

  • Encarta Kid

YLP Curriculum



After putting my kid in CAM-ASEAN Young Learner for one term, I have observed that she has improved tremendously, not only her speaking but also self-confidence. I personally think that CAM-ASEAN Young Learner Program is very good.
Yun Chenda
Daughter: Tong Lavin
CAM-ASEAN is the most trusted school compared to others. I think CAM-ASEAN Young Learner Program is a very good program as it not only focuses on English skills but also general Knowledge. Besides, the tuition fee is very reasonable.
Seng Sophal
Son: Seng Chayhok


I love my fun-learning environment classroom at CAM-ASEAN. Talking about the classroom decoration, I am also a part of it. My classmates and I created easy arts and crafts with our teacher, and it came out very nice. My teacher never fails to help us unleash our creativity and put those into arts. In addition to that, our classroom learning environment is energetic and fun. After introducing us to new words, my teacher let us practice those words with fun activities. All in all, there is always something to be excited about and we always have fun and do lots of laughing together. I am always looking forward to going to school and learning new things from the teacher. I have never experienced a classroom environment that is as exciting as CAM-ASEAN’s Young Learner Program.
Cheab Oudoum Mongkolvatanak
YLP 2’s Student