Cambodia-ASEAN International Institute (CAM-ASEAN) aspires to become a leading English, Chinese language teaching and soft skills training center in ASEAN, striving to provide quality education in a learning environment which fosters intellectual growth and confidence thus enabling students to realize their full potential. We envision students become global learners who speak fluent English & Chinese and possess entrepreneurial mind and skill sets. CAM-ASEAN is committed to furthering this mission by utilizing a variety of teaching methods designed to motivate and engage students. Curriculum is practically designed and delivered by a faculty of knowledgeable instructors blending classroom activities with real world experience. All is to ready them to compete in the international marketplace.

If you are looking for the most reliable place to study English, Chinese and soft skills in Phnom Penh, come experience what CAM-ASEAN has to offer. At CAM-ASEAN, our heart is in education!


CAM-ASEAN aspires to become a leading education institution in Cambodia that provides bi-lingual general education, foreign languages and professional soft-skills training to produce promising labor force for ASEAN job market and beyond.


CAM-ASEAN commits to producing promising labor forces by:
• Providing high quality [Teacher, resource and teaching] and English, Chinese, Corporate and soft-skills training
which suit relevant to the labor market
• Developing professional and can-do people
• Building well-rounded students
• Raising ASEAN awareness among students
• Providing leading local student recruitment services